The invitation will be open to anyone who has taken Jikiden Reiki Shoden and/or Okuden and/or teacher levels and is not open for public. If you would like to join this event but haven't taken Jikiden Reiki class, please find a Shihankaku or Shihan teacher in your area and learn at least Shoden class before your registration. To find Jikiden Reiki teachers in your area, visit Jikiden Reiki Institute official websiteNPO International Jikiden Reiki Association and

Jikiden Reiki Association of Canada.


The whole event will be conducted in English (and Japanese). Japanese speech will be translated into English, but English speech will not be translated into Japanese.

for the Congress is closed, thank you!

**Last minute registration:  Contact Mari at 


19 - 20 October 2019
Vancouver, BC, Canada